ACT I We begin in a time of uncertainty, with the threat of war between the Venetians and Ottomans on the horizon...

However, while peace still reigns, the citizens proceed with their plans to hold their annual Carnival. Hoping to find his fortune and a better quality of life, Luca travels to Venice, where he is immediately swept up in the furore of the Carnival. At the same time, Elena is accompanied through St Mark’s Square by her father, Attilio, whose protectiveness following her mother’s death comes into conflict with her desire to find her own value in the world.


Luca and Elena meet, and are immediately drawn to each other, becoming acquainted while taking in the sights and experiences around them, also receiving a grim prophecy from Madame Domani. News then quickly spreads – the Venetians and Ottomans have gone to war.


Attilio finds himself defending Luca on the battlefield. However, the arrival of the Ottoman general Leandros, a bloodthirsty veteran who savours victory above all else, spells doom for the duo. Attilio sacrifices himself in order to buy Luca time to flee. News spreads to Venice of the Ottoman victory and Elena is completely distraught knowing that both of the men she loves are most likely dead.

ACT II begins roughly a year later. Having survived the war, Luca returns to Venice after recovering from injuries received during battle, taking up a trade as a tailor’s apprentice.

Luca learns that Elena has been forced into an engagement with Leandros in light of the Ottoman victory and her father's death. Luca and his tailor colleagues hatch a plan to sneak into the upcoming masquerade ball so that Luca can be reunited with his love. The unsuspecting Elena receives a shock when the man she thought had died with her father appears at the ball. With Leandros distracted, Luca quickly asks to see her again and the two make plans to meet. 

The two reunite, finding they are still very much in love. However, one of Leandros' spies following them informs the general of this betrayal. This news pushes Leandros over the edge and he sets out to hunt down the pair. Unaware of this fact, Luca and Elena plan to escape Venice together, but everything can change in a single moment...


ELENA: A young Venetian girl, in her early twenties. She is a headstrong and determined character, who    wishes to find her own way in the world, outside of the shadow of her father.

LUCA: A young Italian man, in his early twenties. He is a charismatic and charming individual, who is also  searching for a purpose in life.

ATTILIO: A hardened Venetian general, and Elena's father, in his late forties. He is a well-respected    soldier, but stubbornly set in his ways, being overly-protective of his only daughter. 

LEANDROS: An Ottoman general, in his late forties. He is a fierce warrior, who values honor and respect above all else. 

CORTO: An older, experienced tailor who begrudgingly puts up with his high-spirited assistant. In his late fifties.

FOLLETTO: A young and flamboyant tailor, assistant to Corto. In his late twenties.

MADAME DOMANI: A fortune teller, often appearing at crucial moments. It is difficult to guess her age.

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